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Children’s best interests should be focus of child support

If you and your spouse determine that your marriage is no longer sustainable, you may be one of many California spouses who files for divorce this year. As a parent, one of your top priorities would no doubt be to help you children navigate the situation with as little stress and emotional upheaval as possible. Issues such as child custody and child support can be complex, which is why it’s best to clarify state guidelines and to know how to protect your rights before heading to court. The more your kids see you and your ex being willing to work together for their sake, the better able to cope with the changes in their lives they might be.

A judge doesn’t have to order child support in a divorce. If a parent requests it, the judge in question will take numerous factors under consideration to determine if it would be best for the children. The court has the discretion to not only determine whether a parent should pay support but also how much each payment will be, as well as when and how payments are to be submitted.

Parents are free to devise their own child support plan, then seek the court’s approval. However, if you and your ex don’t get along well enough to negotiate peacefully, then it might be best to let the court make such decisions for you. Some of the factors that may influence the court’s decisions or approval include each parent’s income, number of children, child-related expenses such as day care or expenses involved in traveling for visitation.

The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff, in California, is committed to helping you resolve all legal issues related to child support, custody, visitation or other family law matters. Relying on experienced legal representation is the simplest means to avoiding contentious courtroom situations. An attorney can also help you make sure state guidelines are being followed and that your children’s best interests are the central focus of all proceedings.