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Divorce mediation: Brush up on negotiation skills ahead of time

For many California spouses who no longer wish to be married, a top priority is finding a way to achieve a settlement in as swift and painless a way as possible. Divorce mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that comes in handy in such situations. For mediation to work, both parties must agree to peacefully discuss and negotiate important issues, such as child custody or property division.

There are several ways to improve negotiation skills. Preparation is a key to success; in fact, it may be helpful to practice mediation sessions with a friend of family member before attending the real meetings. Practicing enables a spouse to run through various possible scenarios and consider what responses or counteractions might work best if a similar circumstance arises during mediation.

Negotiation is a central part of achieving a divorce agreement and is also a valuable business or financial tool as well. A person cannot expect to walk into a business meeting without having done any preparation ahead of time and expect to be successful. Similarly, a spouse who is getting ready to attend divorce mediation sessions is wise to think ahead and, perhaps, write a list of ideas and topics that he or she wants to address at a meeting.

Ending a marriage is rarely easy but it doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a long, drawn-out court battle. Divorce mediation is often less expensive and less stressful than litigation. A California spouse who wants to learn more about this alternative way to divorce can request a meeting with an experienced mediation attorney.