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Child support: Rap singer’s ex wants court to order DNA test

There are many California couples who have children together but are not married. When those involved in such relationships decide to go their separate ways, legal complications may arise regarding custody or child support issues. Rap music star Rick Ross is currently facing a lawsuit filed by his former girlfriend, who is the mother of two children and another on the way.

Ross’s girlfriend moved out of his home in 2019 after living there for two years. No details were shared as to what may have prompted her decision.  Her children were ages 3 and 2 at the time. Her third child is due in the fall of this year. Briana Camille, Ross’s ex, has requested a court-ordered DNA test to establish Ross’s paternity, and also, child support.

Ross’s attorney said his client was, in fact, the first person to suggest that he take a DNA test. He also stated that Ross already financially supports his children. Camille, however, reportedly wants an official court order, and has also asked that Ross be ordered to pay all her legal fees as well.

The central focus of all child custody or support cases is the well-being of the children in question. A California family court judge makes decisions based on a thorough review of a specific case, state guidelines and sometimes with discretion to determine what might be best for a child or children in a particular set of circumstances. If legal complications arise, it is best to seek support from an attorney who is experienced in child support litigation.