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Are child support issues causing your headache?

When a California married couple decides to file for divorce, they have a number of decisions to make. Those who parents must negotiate terms child custody, parenting time and child support. Such issues can be complex and stressful to resolve, especially if the parents in question disagree on what is best for their kids.

In this state and many others, there are uniform guidelines that govern child support proceedings. Each state has its own set of guidelines that a judge overseeing a particular case will refer to when making a decision regarding whether a parent will be ordered to pay child support. Such decisions also address the amount of the payments, as well as how and when they must be made.

Your income, as well as your potential earning level are key factors in child support decisions. The number of children you have, as well as the type of lifestyle they were accustomed to during your marriage are also pertinent issues in the court’s decision-making process. Once a child support order is made, you and your ex are each legally bound to adhere to its terms.

You might wonder what happens if you are a paying parent and lose a job or become ill and cannot meet the requirements of your payment schedule. If you are a parent receiving payments for your children, you might have questions about what to do if their financial needs increase. The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff, in California, can provide support to clarify child support laws and assist you in resolving any legal problems that arise in your case.