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Collaborative law: For those who wish to avoid confrontation

When you decide to file for divorce in a California court, you’re activating a decision-making process. If you’re a parent, many of the decisions you make will pertain to your children. To achieve a fair settlement, you and your spouse will need to agree on issues concerning property division and child custody. You may also need to resolve issues regarding tax problems, child support or alimony, and collaborative law enables you to accomplish your goals in a non-confrontational manner.

Multiple people may be part of your strong support network to help facilitate collaborative sessions. This network might include financial advisers, mental health professionals and an attorney experienced in this form of alternative dispute resolution. Collaboration is typically less expensive than litigation and is also less adversarial.

If you litigate a divorce, you do so in a courtroom, which is open to the public. Another benefit of choosing collaborative law as an option is that you can resolve your differences with your spouse in a private setting. As far as divorce options go, collaboration is a relatively newer process in the system than other more traditional forms of divorce.

The well-being of your children is undoubtedly your top priority as you make plans for a new lifestyle. Collaborative law may be the best option for helping you achieve an amicable agreement that lays the groundwork for a peaceful co-parenting plan. The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff has 20 years of experience providing support to California clients in collaborated divorces. By scheduling a consultation, you can take proactive steps toward settling your divorce without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom.