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Divorce mediation: There are no guarantees that it will work

When a California spouse and parent decides to divorce rather than remain in unhappy relationship, the decision may activate a series of life-changing events. With the well-being of the children a top priority, a concerned parent might want to try divorce mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is often a great option because it enables couples to finalize a divorce without going to court, which is typically a lot less stressful than litigation.

Litigating a divorce can be expensive and time-consuming. This is one of many reasons many spouses choose mediation instead. It costs less and takes less time than hashing everything out in court.

A main goal of mediation is to achieve an agreement without confrontation. This is accomplished through peaceful discussion sessions where each spouse has an opportunity to speak, then both sides negotiate a compromise. There are certain ground rules in the process to which both parties must agree to abide before sessions begin.

A California spouse does not have to navigate divorce mediation sessions alone. An experienced attorney can represent him or her, helping to facilitate discussion and keep things moving in a positive direction toward a settlement. If the other spouse refuses to adhere to the rules of peaceful negotiation or things just do not seem to working out, it is possible to pursue t he matter in court. To better understand how mediation works and what one’s options would be if the spouses in question are unable to negotiate a fair agreement, it is helpful to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney who has mediation experience before determining which option is most viable in a specific case.