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Common mistakes that older couples make when filing for divorce

In a lot of ways, filing for divorce in California can be harder on older couples than it is on couples in their 20s. After being married for a certain length of time, many couples start assuming that they’ll be with their spouses forever. When their marriages end, their entire worlds are turned upside down, and they find themselves having to start over again. To make matters worse, many older people make mistakes during their divorces that are used against them later in court.

What are some mistakes that older divorcees should avoid?

If an individual has accumulated a lot of financial assets during his or her marriage, he or she may be tempted to try to hide these assets during the divorce. Someone may lie about certain assets, deliberately undervalue them or deny that they exist altogether. However, once the assets are discovered, the cover-up attempts may be used against the individual in court. It’s important for both parties to be honest about their financial assets during the divorce process.

On a similar note, many older divorcees don’t take stock of their assets before they file for divorce. With many couples, one individual manages the finances while the other person is left in the dark about most decisions. As a result, that person may have no idea what he or she owns and how it can be divided in court. People need to educate themselves, so they can negotiate for a fair share of their assets.

How can an attorney help older couples file for divorce?

Hiring an attorney could make the divorce process easier on older couples. A lawyer may educate his or her clients about their finances and help them evaluate their financial assets. An attorney may also help people uncover assets that their former spouses may be hiding from them.