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How can people keep their divorces civil and amicable?

Divorces in California are typically stressful. However, there are steps that individuals can take to make the process easier and keep the divorce as amicable as possible. Here’s what spouses can do to ease their stress and reduce their court and attorney fees.

How can people keep their divorce amicable?

To keep the divorce from dissolving into a lengthy legal battle, individuals should attempt to maintain mutual respect with their former spouse. They should speak civilly, avoid insults and accusations and never criticize their former spouse in front of their children. If both parties can remain civil, they’ll be more likely to negotiate a fair agreement that satisfies everybody.

Additionally, an individual can work to find common goals with their former spouse. If they’re both aiming for the same goal, like acting in their children’s best interests, they’ll find it easier to work together and negotiate throughout the divorce proceedings. They should also consider multiple divorce options, including mediation and collaborative divorce. These options are non-combative and can help both parties resolve the divorce without taking the issue to court and beginning a lengthy, expensive trial.

How can an individual find assistance with a collaborative divorce?

If an individual decides to aim for a collaborative divorce with their former spouse, they might wish to hire a family law attorney to help them make it happen. An attorney may help them keep the process amicable and resolve the issue through peaceful meditation. By working with an attorney, the client might be able to resolve disputes over child support, property division and visitation rights. They can also save money by avoiding expensive court and legal fees. If the divorce turns into a legal battle, the attorney may be able to represent their client and offer legal guidance.