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Reasons that second and third marriages end in divorce

Most people in California are aware that a staggering number of marriages end in divorce. In fact, about half of first marriages in the U.S. will fail. The numbers look even worse for subsequent marriages. About two-thirds of second marriages and as many as three-quarters of third marriages will end in divorce.

Why divorces happen

People generally understand that several factors can lead to divorce. One example is fighting about money. Another is infidelity. But sometimes, having lived through one divorce can prime an individual for another. For example, some people have a difficult time being alone. After a divorce, they may rush into a new marriage to avoid feeling lonely.

Or sometimes, people have a fear of being truly intimate after their first divorce. They feel like they’ve been burned once, and it’s hard for them to open up again. Sadly, this makes it hard for their subsequent relationships to work out too. They hold back in their second or third marriages, and that leads to failure.

Finally, someone who’s been through one divorce knows what that process looks and feels like. Most importantly, they know that they can get through a divorce and come out on the other end successfully. People who have divorced once are less likely to be intimidated by the idea of another one. They’re the type of people who will leave a relationship that doesn’t work instead of trying to salvage it for a long time.

Remember, one of the keys to a smooth divorce is having a good attorney. An experienced lawyer may be able to help his or her client achieve his or her financial and other goals in a divorce. Another professional to consider hiring during a divorce is a financial planner.