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Is divorce mediation worth it?

Many people in California have heard of mediation. But when they file for divorce, they’re hesitant to go through with it. How can they be expected to sit down and negotiate with the person that they’re trying to get away from? What many people don’t realize is that mediation can save them a lot of stress, time and legal bills. With mediation, they can sit down with their former spouse, come to an agreement and walk away without getting into a court battle.

Is divorce mediation worthwhile?

With family law mediation, you’re not viewing your former spouse as the enemy. Instead, you’re viewing them as their own person with individual needs and desires. Ideally, they’ll see you the same way. This can make the two of you more likely to negotiate instead of trying to seize each other’s assets. You might walk away from the divorce feeling satisfied and ready to move on with your life.

Divorce mediation can also reduce the amount of legal fees. You’ll log fewer hours with your
attorney and won’t have to pay enormous court fees. And since you’re spending a lot less time in court, you’ll be able to finalize the divorce more quickly. You might even be able to wrap it up in a few months, instead of dragging out the divorce for a year or more. In other words, mediation is well worth the investment.

Can an attorney act as a mediator?

Many attorneys can also act as a mediator during your divorce. They could help you and your former spouse work together to come to an agreement. You won’t be expected to compromise on everything–instead, you might bend on some issues while remaining firm on others. Overall, you and your former spouse control the outcome of the discussions.