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Handling the first few months of single parenting

Although California parents have a lot to deal with after a divorce, newly single parents need to remain strong for their kids. They must ensure that their children always come first, so they may need to make sacrifices in the first few months. If you are newly divorced, here is some guidance for handling the first few months as a single parent

Child custody and parenting time

As a single parent, you need to ensure that the children are financially and emotionally protected. Although child custody and parenting time will be worked out during the divorce, the first few weeks will be hard. Thus, you need to find time to adjust. Most first-time single parents require assistance from family and friends, so don’t feel shy asking for help.

Setting goals

You need to set goals of what your child’s and your future should entail. It can start from simple things such as improving your morning routine to long-term goals such as managing your assets wisely. Your lawyer, accountant and therapist may help you determine where to set your sights for the benefit of your family.

Be flexible but firm

Don’t be so rigid at times. If things turn out different from what you expected, avoid giving up and look for alternatives. Flexibility allows you to broaden your thinking while meeting your goals. Although you should be flexible as a single parent, you must remain firm to any decision you make with your kids. You want to provide them with stability as they adjust to all the changes too.

Are you going through a divorce? It may be beneficial for you to consult a lawyer for guidance on child custody and support.