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School guidance counselors help divorced parents with key support

When California residents go through a divorce, there are a lot of things that they need to work out. In addition to tasks like dividing up their assets, they may also have to figure out issues with child custody. Most parents want to make sure that their kids feel comfortable, validated and honored even though the divorce is taking place.

Most people realize that divorce can be really hard on children. Attentive, loving parents want to make sure that their kids’ emotional needs are taken care of. One way they can help that happen is to work with their children’s school guidance counselors. Guidance counselors can help parents work through issues like child custody and parenting time with their kids.

How can school guidance counselors help during a divorce?

School guidance counselors are there to help children through the emotional challenges they face that may affect their schooling. Kids of all ages go through different emotional experiences that come from both inside and outside of school. The guidance counselor works with the children to make sure that their needs are met. They prepare a plan of action for key issues so that the children can move forward and succeed.

One way that school guidance counselors can help children whose parents are going through a divorce is by working with the parents to help the children deal with any emotional issues stemming from the divorce. They can also help parents work out practical issues like visitation setups. Sometimes, one parent will have to come to school to pick up the children, and at other times, the other parent will have pickup duties. By working together with the school counselor, parents can make the process as seamless as possible for the children.

Who can parents turn to for help with child custody and visitation issues?

Parents who are going through a divorce may benefit from working with attorneys who specialize in family law. They may be able to help them with everything from setting up visitation schedules to working out custody issues.