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California divorce mediation: Who is most likely to try it?

All married couples have problems from time to time. However, most are able to find agreeable solutions to help them overcome any obstacles that arise throughout the years. That's not always the case, however, as evidenced by the high rate of divorce in California and throughout the nation.  

Divorce mediation: Is it right for you and who can help?

Deciding to end a marriage is no doubt one of the most solemn, significant decisions of a person's life. Many people in California have made or will make this decision in 2018 or beyond. Any number of extenuating issues may impact divorce proceedings, such child-related matters, property division or finances. If financial constraints are an issue, divorce mediation may be a viable option.  

Divorce mediation: How to determine if it's the best option

When filing for divorce in California or any other state, a spouse must choose a particular course of action as a means toward the end. Some situations involve litigation, especially if a communication breakdown has occurred between spouses or an extenuating circumstance, such as suspected hidden assets, has arisen. For spouses who get along well enough to have civil discussions and negotiate fair settlements, divorce mediation may be possible. 

Garner and Affleck use divorce mediation to achieve settlement

For California residents currently considering ending their marriages, the good news is that not every marital split involves long, drawn-out courtroom battles. In fact, divorce mediation helps many spouses achieve fair and agreeable settlements in an amicable fashion. The case of Hollywood stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be a good example of this. 

An out-of-court settlement may be possible with divorce mediation

Many California spouses who decide to end their marriages want to do so without going to court. In situations where spouses get along well enough to have amicable discussions, it may be possible to make good use of divorce mediation. This process is best reserved for those who are willing to negotiate with fairness and compromise where needed.

Hoping to avoid litigation? Divorce mediation may be the answer

When you decided to divorce, you may have also talked to your spouse about trying to find the swiftest, less stressful means to achieve a settlement. If you have children, you, like most good parents in California and beyond, likely also talked about keeping their best interests in mind and being willing to compromise and cooperate as needed to come up with a suitable parenting plan for the future. Another high priority for you might include avoiding litigation if at all possible. If that's the case, you may want to look into divorce mediation options.

Many California retirees pursue divorce mediation nowadays

Anyone who follows rising trends among the 50-and-over crowd has likely noticed an increase of incidents in a particular area. In fact, although the overall national divorce rate appears to be declining according to statistics from recent years, among those age 50 and beyond, it has more than doubled in the past two decades. This has led many California retirees and others to seek information and guidance regarding the divorce mediation process.

Divorce mediation may be viable option for saving time and money

Deciding to end a marriage in court may no doubt be one of the most major decisions an individual California resident makes in life. Just the thought of divorce is enough to make some people's blood pressures rise. A high priority for many who are currently preparing for divorce is financial stability. Some choose divorce mediation as a means to save both time and money.

Divorce mediation may be crucial component to successful plan

Getting divorced is no small matter and generally leads to many significant challenges in a person's immediate and long-term life. Those in California who are married and have children often have to get creative to overcome various obstacles impeding their abilities to achieve agreeable settlements. Everything from marital property division to where children will spend future Thanksgivings and other holidays are important issues that need to be resolved as amicably as possible before a court order can be set. To avoid long, drawn-out battles, spouses who remain on relatively good terms may be able to use divorce mediation to arrange most of their plans.

Divorce mediation may be option if you get along with your spouse

There are any number of reasons why California couples decide to divorce. For some, time has passed, children have grown and spouses have discovered that they no longer have anything in common; hence, they decide to go their separate ways. Others sever marital ties following a particular incident or string of events, such as an extramarital affair or a serious medical condition.


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