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Overcoming your negative emotions during divorce

Going through a divorce is often a time of hurt and anger. Everything you valued and depended on is changing, and you are understandably having a difficult time. If your emotions are high and your nerves on edge at this point in the process, you may imagine yourself gearing up for a raging battle in a California courtroom.

Is mediation the right fit for your divorce?

The end of a marriage is often full of emotions that can be difficult to control. One day you may feel angry and bitter, and the next, sorrow and loss may overwhelm you. However, you and your spouse may be like many divorcing couples who do not want to walk away from the marriage as enemies. Perhaps you have children and understand how difficult it will be to co-parent without some sense of cooperation.

Getting your child support payment amount modified is possible

After finalizing your divorce, you and your former spouse have moved on with your separate lives. However, one thing still ties you to him or her: your children. In your case, you are responsible for making child support payments to your ex to help provide for your children.

A parenting agreement can help with child custody matters

Going through the divorce process can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster -- one with more lows than highs. However, just as the process can be challenging for parents going through it, it can also be difficult for the children of divorce. This is especially true when a child custody battle ensues.

Spousal monetary support post-divorce may be source of conflict

If you and your spouse have decided to get divorced, you or your spouse may end up having to pay spousal support, or alimony, to the other party. Alimony is essentially money paid from a higher-earning spouse to a lower-earning spouse following the dissolution of a marriage.

Property division doesn't have to be a battle during divorce

The thought of going toe-to-toe with your spouse during your divorce proceeding may leave you feeling stressed and drained. This is especially true if you and your spouse have been married for an extended period of time and have thus amassed a large number of assets or high-value assets.

How can mediation be used in divorce?

When Sarah and Ben decided to end their marriage, they both hired attorneys. In just a few short months, however, they had spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court filings and nothing was moving along.


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