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Collaborative law: A less expensive alternative to litigation

When California spouses divorce, the must make numerous decisions regarding negotiation of a settlement. In many cases, litigation is necessary, especially if those involved disagree about child custody, property division or support issues. Other spouses are able to resolve their differences through collaborative law, which is typically a less expensive option.  

Collaborative Law: Is it a viable option for your divorce?

If you're one of many California parents who cringe at the thought of a long, drawn-out court battle as a means of achieving a divorce settlement, you may wish to explore options that are designed to be nonconfrontational instead. Collaborative law is meant to provide support in confidential settings for spouses who are determined to achieve amicable settlements. You may still encounter challenges along the way; however, you and your soon-to-be former spouse must agree to work together to resolve disagreements through peaceful negotiation process in a private setting.

Collaborative law is designed to be nonconfrontational

Do you try to avoid confrontation at all costs? If so, you may relate to many other California residents who wish to file for divorce but hesitate to do so because they worry they will be dragged into a nasty courtroom battle. There are several alternatives that may be viable options in your case, perhaps including collaborative law. 

Collaborative law may help save time and money in divorce

As 2017 draws to a close and married couples in California begin setting goals for a new year, chances are some will choose divorce as the most viable option for overcoming current obstacles and pursuing new lifestyles. Some divorces will be hashed out in court, often with highly contentious disputes that require a judge's intervention to resolve. Others may greatly desire settling their differences without litigation and therefore, may want to consider the collaborative law process.

Collaborative law may help with an out-of-court settlement

When a California married couple chooses divorce as the most viable option to resolving their relationship disputes, they may want to find a way to sever their ties without going to court. Especially if they have children, there is typically quite a bit of negotiating that must take place before each spouse can move forward to his or her own future lifestyle. Collaborative law may help those seeking out-of-court settlements.

How collaborative law can help California residents in divorce

The last thing those going through divorce want is to enter long, drawn-out battles in court that result in flared tempers, emotional outbursts and contentious disputes regarding any number of issues. Avoiding this type of nightmarish situation is one of the reasons many people in California are choosing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law. The concept has helped many divorcing couples enter structured negotiations alongside personal legal representation to work out differences in a solution-oriented setting.

On collaborative divorce, and how it can help you

There is a stereotypical way that many people think about divorce. Most people immediately think of two spouses angrily yelling at each other when they are getting a divorce. They lose all sense of civil discourse and they can't agree on anything. Every issue in the divorce is dragged out as long as possible, and it take a big courtroom showdown to finalize all of the complexities in their divorce.


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