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Skills that can help California spouses with divorce mediation

Not every California divorce is finalized through litigation. In fact, many spouses desire nothing more than to settle their differences in a calm, peaceful manner. Divorce mediation is often a prime option for couples who are willing to cooperate and avoid confrontation. This is often a less expensive way to settle a divorce, but if it doesn't work out, a case can be converted to litigation as needed.

Tom Arnold chooses divorce mediation this time

Many Californians consider themselves big Tom Arnold fans. Many of his fans are aware that he has been married numerous times. In fact, Arnold is preparing for divorce mediation as he and his spouse prepare to end their marriage. Those in Westlake Village or beyond who are considering divorce after a remarriage may want to follow this case.

Divorce mediation: Helpful tips for California parents

It is understandable that a California parent wants to avoid going to court when trying to resolve child-related issues in divorce. Many times, divorce mediation can be used to help co-parents achieve amicable and fair agreements regarding child custody, visitation or other matters. Mediation is definitely not for everyone, so it pays to speak to someone well-versed on such issues to help determine if it is a viable option in a given set of circumstances.

People who use divorce mediation often have these goals in mind

California is a community property state. This means that all marital property is typically split 50/50 in divorce. Spouses who wish to avoid lengthy litigation processes are often able to use divorce mediation as an alternate form of dispute resolution to achieve fair settlements in an amicable fashion. There are ground rules to which both parties must agree before this option can be exercised.

Divorce mediation: When you're ready to move on in life

The types of issues that prompt divorce for California married couples may vary greatly from household to household. Some spouses say they simply grew apart over the years, while others place disputes about finances or child-related issues at the top of their lists. No matter what the main problems were in a marriage, spouses who are tired of fighting and simply want to move on in life may wish to consider divorce mediation as a way to avoid litigation.

Is your job prompting a need for divorce mediation?

Many California residents work in stressful and even dangerous environments. Those who are married may have a tendency to take that stress home with them, thus causing a strain on their relationships. In fact, current data shows that there are certain fields of employment that place married couples at risk. Those who work in such fields often wind up needing divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation: Can it help spouses forgive?

When California married couples get divorced, there is often a lot of back-story to the situation. In many cases, one or both spouses feel deeply hurt about things that transpired in their marriage. Feelings of anger, betrayal, mistrust or resentment can impede the settlement process; however, if both spouses can agree to set their anger aside, then divorce mediation may be an option to swiftly resolve critical issues so the court can finalize the divorce.

How are divorce mediation and collaborative law different?

Most California readers have a basic understanding of litigation, at least insofar as what the term itself means and the fact that it refers to a court process. With regard to divorce mediation and collaborative law, however, confusion often sets in because, although both are processes for settling divorce out of court, they are also different from each other in several ways. To determine a best course of action in a particular set of circumstances, a concerned spouse will want to learn as much as possible about each option in order to make a well-informed decision.

Divorce mediation: Is it worth a try?

One of the most serious decisions a person can make in life is to get divorced. Many California residents will make such decisions before 2019 ends. Those who wish to avoid confrontation, and who really would just like to resolve pertinent issues and then sign an agreement and move on in life, may want to try divorce mediation as an alternate dispute resolution tool, rather than entering litigation.


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