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'Miggy' Cabrera battling physical health and child support issues

Major League Baseball fans in California are no doubt familiar with the first baseman from the Tigers' team, Miguel 'Miggy'  Cabrera. Not only is Cabrera slated to earn more than $300 million by 2023, he is also expected to one day have a plaque with his name on it in the MLB Hall of Fame. On a personal note, however, things haven't been going so well for Cabrera. He has been battling some health problems as well as an ongoing child support dispute with his former wife.

Documentary confronts child support problems head on

When California parents divorce, they must execute parenting plans to provide for the temporal future needs of their children. This often includes child support. A new documentary addresses a controversial topic and stereotype that often gives dads a bad name, that is, that any father not making good on child support payments is a deadbeat dad.

TV reality show star facing child support and custody problems

Any California parent who has ever gone through divorce and had to battle it out in court to resolve child-related issues understands how stressful it can be. One can only imagine how such stress may be intensified if a person's private life is being played out in front of millions of television viewers. Such is the case for one of the cast members of Real Housewives of California, Shannon Beador. She is currently involved in a dispute with her former spouse regarding child support, spousal support and custody.

What does California law say about child support payments?

Many California parents are ordered by the court to provide financial assistance to their children. Some parents are recently divorced, while others were never married. Various types of situations may lead to child support payments although state guidelines remain the same no matter what the particular details of a given situation happen to be.

Legal options for addressing unpaid child support problems

Many married couples with children who divorce in California move forward in life bound to certain stipulations set forth in their divorce decrees. For some, that includes paying or receiving child support. However, not every person ordered to pay or who receives child support has been married and divorced. Either way, if the court orders someone to make payments and it is not being done, it's a definite problem.

California county providing urgent child support help to parents

Many California parents and others throughout the nation are currently trying to overcome serious financial challenges. For some, a job loss, medical condition or recent divorce has negatively impacted their financial situations. Others may be having trouble making payments for existing child support orders.

Child support dispute between Harvey Weinstein and former wife

In California and beyond, things often get a lot worse before they get better when it comes to divorce. Many spouses must first work through tremendous obstacles and disagreements regarding issues, such as property division, child support or other matters before they can achieve amicable settlements. As for child support, Harvey Weinstein and his former wife are currently battling over a particular matter involving $5 million.

New laws may impact child support if adopted in California

There appears to be rising trend regarding child custody post-divorce. Changes may be prompted by years of lobbying for fathers' rights in California and elsewhere,  namely, to make sure fathers are not being alienated when they desire active roles in sharing physical custody of their children. The new laws favor shared physical custody between parents, which, although admirable in most cases, could in fact cause ripple effects in other areas, such as child support.

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin engaged in child support battle

When spouses in California who have children together divorce, it can be quite challenging to achieve amicable parenting plan agreements. In particular, matters concerning child custody and child support often cause the most contention between former spouses, especially if they already have trouble getting along. Jodie Sweetin, one of the main stars on popular TV show "Fuller House," has been divorced twice and is currently fighting one of her ex-husbands over a child support issue.

Financial crisis may arise due to spouse's child support issues

Many marriages in California include spouses who were once involved in marital relationships with other people. Many of them have children from their previous unions. Many of them also have been ordered by the court to pay child support.


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