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Child Support In California

“Will I have the money I need to support my children?” This is a crucial question for many spouses going through a divorce or parents wrestling with custody decisions. It is an important question whether you would receive money or could be required to pay.

For more than three decades, the Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff in Westlake Village has helped families answer that question. When you become my client, I take the time to listen to you and understand your concerns. I will help you understand child support laws and provide the guidance you need to be confident as you plan for the future.

Child Support: A Strict Calculation

Under California family laws, child support is controlled by uniform guidelines. A specific calculation is used to determine how much one parent is required to pay to the other. The calculation includes many factors, such as:

  • Income of both parties
  • Percentage of parenting time
  • Number of children
  • Tax filing status
  • Health insurance premiums and expenses
  • Contributions to retirement accounts
  • Day care costs
  • Mortgage interest and property taxes paid
  • Union dues
  • Travel expenses to effectuate visitation

The judge does not have discretion to depart from the child support guidelines. Although it is a specific calculation, a lawyer can help you make sure that the numbers entered into that equation are accurate and reflective of your true financial situation. Determining self-employment income is a common situation in which an attorney’s guidance is prudent.

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