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Post-Judgment Modifications

When Even The Best Laid Plans Need Adjustment

Divorce and other family law orders are decided based on current circumstances, but life is subject to change. Even the best-laid plans may need adjustments, and it might seem natural to make them as you go. Always consult a lawyer about potential changes, and do not rely on a verbal agreement. A verbal agreement is not legally enforceable in California, and any departure from the original order could leave the door open to contempt of court charges.

At the Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff in Westlake Village, I help families modify existing family court orders or judgments. With more than three decades of family law experience, I can provide educated advice about your options and the best way to accomplish your goals. In many cases, I am able to save you time and money by utilizing the benefits of mediation.

When might you need to modify a child custody, child or spousal support, visitation or other family court order?

  • You or your spouse loses his or her job, gets a promotion or has another substantial change in income.
  • One spouse fails to visit the child for the percentage of time that was used to calculate child support.
  • You or your spouse wants to relocate to another city or state.
  • Your child’s schedule changes, making the current parenting plan unworkable
  • The needs of your child have changed.
  • You discover that your spouse hid assets during the divorce.
  • The safety or health of the child is at risk.

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