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'Miggy' Cabrera battling physical health and child support issues

Major League Baseball fans in California are no doubt familiar with the first baseman from the Tigers' team, Miguel 'Miggy'  Cabrera. Not only is Cabrera slated to earn more than $300 million by 2023, he is also expected to one day have a plaque with his name on it in the MLB Hall of Fame. On a personal note, however, things haven't been going so well for Cabrera. He has been battling some health problems as well as an ongoing child support dispute with his former wife.

In the past, Cabrera reportedly had been paying approximately $12,000 per month in support of the two children he had with his former wife. At some point, the mother of two claimed that the payments were abruptly and significantly reduced. She took action in court and the two have been legally duking it out ever since.

Documentary confronts child support problems head on

When California parents divorce, they must execute parenting plans to provide for the temporal future needs of their children. This often includes child support. A new documentary addresses a controversial topic and stereotype that often gives dads a bad name, that is, that any father not making good on child support payments is a deadbeat dad.

The documentary attempts to raise awareness to the fact that this type of generalization is not only potentially damaging to many men's reputations, it is also often untrue. Just because a father fails to submit his court-ordered child support payment (or payments) on time, does not necessarily mean he is trying to escape his responsibility and financial obligation to his children. Many unexpected circumstances can arise that render support payments no longer feasible for a particular parent. 

TV reality show star facing child support and custody problems

Any California parent who has ever gone through divorce and had to battle it out in court to resolve child-related issues understands how stressful it can be. One can only imagine how such stress may be intensified if a person's private life is being played out in front of millions of television viewers. Such is the case for one of the cast members of Real Housewives of California, Shannon Beador. She is currently involved in a dispute with her former spouse regarding child support, spousal support and custody.

Beador has been married for about 18 years. During one of the seasons on the show, she and her husband renewed their marriage vows; yet, sometime later it was revealed that Beador's husband had committed infidelity. As is often the case in such circumstances, the marriage was unable to rebound from the betrayal.

What does California law say about child support payments?

Many California parents are ordered by the court to provide financial assistance to their children. Some parents are recently divorced, while others were never married. Various types of situations may lead to child support payments although state guidelines remain the same no matter what the particular details of a given situation happen to be.

Guidelines are recommended standards, not laws. The court takes these and other individual factors under consideration before determining who, if anyone, will pay child support, how much those payments should be, and how often they will be made. To avoid any type of legal problems surrounding child support payments, it's best to seek clarification of the guidelines and regulations ahead of time.

Divided about dividing an inheritance? What you need to know

In a perfect world, you would receive an inheritance from a beloved family member, such as your favorite aunt. And even if you were going through divorce, you wouldn't have to worry about losing a chunk of this money to a relentless future ex-spouse.

However, in your world -- the real world -- your future ex may be demanding that a percentage of your inheritance belongs to him or her, too. Understanding the law is paramount when it comes to dividing an inheritance during a divorce proceeding in California.

Hoping to avoid litigation? Divorce mediation may be the answer

When you decided to divorce, you may have also talked to your spouse about trying to find the swiftest, less stressful means to achieve a settlement. If you have children, you, like most good parents in California and beyond, likely also talked about keeping their best interests in mind and being willing to compromise and cooperate as needed to come up with a suitable parenting plan for the future. Another high priority for you might include avoiding litigation if at all possible. If that's the case, you may want to look into divorce mediation options.

Mediation is a bit different from collaborative law and quite different from the litigation process. A key factor in successful mediation is proper facilitation; in particular, it's important to have an experienced mediator who remains neutral and guides both parties through the process as they discuss each issue pertaining to their divorce. Many topics can be addressed through mediation, such as child support, parenting issues or property division.

Legal options for addressing unpaid child support problems

Many married couples with children who divorce in California move forward in life bound to certain stipulations set forth in their divorce decrees. For some, that includes paying or receiving child support. However, not every person ordered to pay or who receives child support has been married and divorced. Either way, if the court orders someone to make payments and it is not being done, it's a definite problem.

It is not uncommon for custodial parents to rely heavily on child support to help make ends meet as they nurture and provide for their children. Who pays, how much is paid and when payments should be made are all issues the court decides. The bottom line is that, whether or not a parent agrees with the court's decision, an existing court order must be obeyed by all parties involved. If a child support is unpaid, there are steps a concerned parent can take to rectify the situation.

California county providing urgent child support help to parents

Many California parents and others throughout the nation are currently trying to overcome serious financial challenges. For some, a job loss, medical condition or recent divorce has negatively impacted their financial situations. Others may be having trouble making payments for existing child support orders.

In an effort to help parents who have been deemed delinquent in their child support obligations get things back on track, one particular county announced that it was providing immediate assistance at no cost to any parent currently facing possible criminal arrest due to a child support situation. Anyone with a bench warrant out for his or her arrest need only show up at the predetermined place at the proper time to receive guidance and legal assistance to address a crisis situation. There is often a stigma attached to parents who fail to meet their child support obligations, labeling them as deadbeats or parents who don't have their children's best interests in mind.

Child support dispute between Harvey Weinstein and former wife

In California and beyond, things often get a lot worse before they get better when it comes to divorce. Many spouses must first work through tremendous obstacles and disagreements regarding issues, such as property division, child support or other matters before they can achieve amicable settlements. As for child support, Harvey Weinstein and his former wife are currently battling over a particular matter involving $5 million.

Weinstein has been in and out of the news in recent times due to his divorce and serious allegations from various women that he sexually assaulted them. A pressing matter at the moment has arisen from Weinstein's former spouse, claiming he owes $5 million in child support payments. She says she wants the court to demand that he pay up immediately in case his other legal battles leave him financially insolvent.

A parenting agreement can help with child custody matters

Going through the divorce process can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster -- one with more lows than highs. However, just as the process can be challenging for parents going through it, it can also be difficult for the children of divorce. This is especially true when a child custody battle ensues.

Fortunately, many cases involving the custody of a child in California can be resolved without further court involvement by putting together a parenting agreement. This is possible through negotiations or through an alternative dispute resolution process, such as collaborative law or divorce mediation.


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