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Man facing child support problems with 2 former wives

Numerous California fathers have signed or will be signing agreements concerning their financial responsibilities for their children following divorce. A specific child support amount is set in each case, at the court's discretion. Every state has its own guidelines, typically resulting in a court order. A man in another state, who happens to be running for governor, is said to be behind in his payments in two separate post-divorce situations.

Is mediation right for your custody issues?

So far, you may be relieved that your divorce is not as stressful as you imagined. If you and your spouse managed to reach a fair and equitable division of property, you may think everything will go along smoothly, and you can move forward with your new life with minimal drama. However, when you begin discussing your plans for child custody, the smooth road suddenly becomes very bumpy.

Gwen Stefani reportedly headed for post divorce mediation

California music fans may recall that it has been approximately two years since pop music star Gwen Stefani and her then husband, Gavin Rossdale, settled their divorce. Recent news headlines, however, suggest that all is not well in the Stefani/Rossdale child custody situation. The former couple has reportedly decided to use divorce mediation to try to resolve their current disagreements.  

No need to go it alone in court when fighting over child support

Divorce-related issues involving children are sometimes complex. Many California parents face their greatest battles when it comes time to sign child support agreements. The court, of course, has a child's best interests in mind when making such decisions; however, if parents don't agree, things can get quite messy.

Factors the court considers when making child support decisions

The more you know ahead of time regarding what to expect during custody proceedings in a divorce, the better able you are to protect your parental rights and your children's best interests. Especially concerning child support, every state has its own guidelines; therefore, it is best to seek clarification of California laws before heading to court. Whether you plan to request child support as a custodial parent or think you might be required to pay, it is easier to be proactive in securing a fair and agreeable outcome if you arm yourself with pertinent information at the start.


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