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This is why Jennifer Hudson is upset about child support

Most California parents would feel frustrated or angry if someone were to try to take advantage of them financially. This sometimes happens in divorce, such as when a spouse tries to hide assets or to gain an upper hand in child support proceedings. These issues often plague celebrities in their personal lives, as well. In fact, singer/actress Jennifer Hudson recently spoke about why she is unhappy regarding certain legal issues.

Divorce mediation: Can it help spouses forgive?

When California married couples get divorced, there is often a lot of back-story to the situation. In many cases, one or both spouses feel deeply hurt about things that transpired in their marriage. Feelings of anger, betrayal, mistrust or resentment can impede the settlement process; however, if both spouses can agree to set their anger aside, then divorce mediation may be an option to swiftly resolve critical issues so the court can finalize the divorce.

Why it's a good idea to get a court order for child support

In California and all other states, parents often disagree about financial provisions regarding their kids. Those who are divorced might think they are better off coming up with a plan on their own and implementing it without seeking the court's intervention. Others believe filing a formal petition for child support might be a better course of action for several reasons.


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