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Even well-intentioned dads sometimes have child support problems

Many people in California can relate to those facing serious financial problems. Some of those navigating troubled money issues happen to be divorced dads ordered to pay child support by a family court. Although stereotypes and rumors abound regarding so-called deadbeat dads who simply have no desire to fulfill their financial obligations to their children, the truth is many fathers (and mothers, for that matter) who remain delinquent in their payments make no more than $10,000 annual net income.

Change in child support law may have some parents worried

California law and those in other states vary when it comes to guidelines and regulations pertaining to child-related issues in divorce. Child support laws in another state are slated for a major change that could cause some parents great concern. The change has to do with key factors the court will consider when making decisions regarding whether parents in given situations will be mandated to pay child support, as well as how much such payments might be.

On collaborative divorce, and how it can help you

There is a stereotypical way that many people think about divorce. Most people immediately think of two spouses angrily yelling at each other when they are getting a divorce. They lose all sense of civil discourse and they can't agree on anything. Every issue in the divorce is dragged out as long as possible, and it take a big courtroom showdown to finalize all of the complexities in their divorce.


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