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Mother's child support case crosses international borders

Current data suggests that nearly one million California families are facing similar legal problems with regards to obtaining rightful support for their children. That is, there is approximately $17 billion worth of unpaid child support in this state alone. Many of these families, such as a mother of a 6-year-old boy, are trying to resolve problems that involve parents in other countries. This woman's international situation began when her college romance died shortly after she told her lover she was expecting his child.  

Overcoming your negative emotions during divorce

Going through a divorce is often a time of hurt and anger. Everything you valued and depended on is changing, and you are understandably having a difficult time. If your emotions are high and your nerves on edge at this point in the process, you may imagine yourself gearing up for a raging battle in a California courtroom.

Garner and Affleck use divorce mediation to achieve settlement

For California residents currently considering ending their marriages, the good news is that not every marital split involves long, drawn-out courtroom battles. In fact, divorce mediation helps many spouses achieve fair and agreeable settlements in an amicable fashion. The case of Hollywood stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be a good example of this. 

Protect your rights when child support problems arise

Like most good parents in California or elsewhere, you are willing to make sacrifices for your children's sakes. Most parents can relate to setting aside personal goals or plans, or changing jobs, locations or other lifestyle situations when they determine it's in their children's best interests to do so. When divorce occurs, most parents paying child support do their best to make payments on time and otherwise adhere to existing court orders regarding their parenting plans.  

Troubling mystery surrounds child support situation

Many California parents understand how stressful impending legal actions regarding child custody, visitation or support can be. In another state, one man has been dealing with a child support problem, which authorities say may have something to do with his recent disappearance. His family members say they're worried he committed suicide. Others think he may have left the country to avoid penalties for failure to pay child support. 


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