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California men may want to be aware of this child support case

Many men in California are divorced. Of those, a great number pay child support. However, readers may be hard-pressed to find many men paying court-ordered support for children who are not biologically theirs. However, this is exactly what has happened to a man in another state.

Making the most of divorce mediation

In the throes of a marriage gone bad, making the best out of a sour situation can seem impossible. After years of marriage, divorce can be an uncertain start for many - not only do you have to begin a new life on your own, but you might have to do it with a different set of resources. Is there anyway but the hard way after marriage?

Divorce mediation can address matters of fairness

Many California couples confronting divorce proceedings say they feel certain their situations are completely unfair. For instance, a parent might have a very difficult time dealing with certain issues, such as his or her children being closely connected to a new romantic partner of the other parent. Matters of child custody and visitation are often the center of disagreements regarding what is fair and what isn't. Divorce mediation may be a viable choice for resolving these types of issues.

How collaborative law can help California residents in divorce

The last thing those going through divorce want is to enter long, drawn-out battles in court that result in flared tempers, emotional outbursts and contentious disputes regarding any number of issues. Avoiding this type of nightmarish situation is one of the reasons many people in California are choosing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law. The concept has helped many divorcing couples enter structured negotiations alongside personal legal representation to work out differences in a solution-oriented setting.

Megachurch preacher ruled in contempt re child support issues

Those who make their livings in religious ministries in California are by no means immune from family law problems similar to those experienced by many others throughout the nation. In fact, a mega-church pastor in another state is currently facing serious child support problems. The court recently held him in contempt regarding the matter.


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