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How can mediation be used in divorce?

When Sarah and Ben decided to end their marriage, they both hired attorneys. In just a few short months, however, they had spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court filings and nothing was moving along.

Not all trends are good: Unpaid child support problem in Tulare

Many people in California have court orders to receive financial assistance from their former spouses to help provide for their children. However, there appears to be a child support problem in some areas, such as Tulare County. Officials there say at least 25 percent of those ordered to pay child support there have failed to do so.

Divorce mediation may be option if you get along with your spouse

No two California couples divorce for the very same reasons. For some, time has passed, children have grown, and spouses have discovered that they no longer have anything in common; hence, they decide to go their separate ways. Others do so following a particular incident or string of events, such as an extramarital affair or serious medical condition. Regardless of the details of an individual situation, if both spouses are able to communicate amicably, divorce mediation may be an option to keep things out of court.

Key factors in California guidelines for child support

If a California married couple with children divorces, they likely enter proceedings understanding that they will remain connected the rest of their lives because they are parents together. For some, this thought may be oddly comforting; others are not so in tune with the idea. Either way, it helps to be able to communicate amicably, especially where important issues like child support are concerned.

Child support may comprise half a family's income

Many married couples in California who divorce face significant challenges related to finances and children. The court is the ultimate voice of authority when determining whether parents should pay child support, how much such payments should be and when/how they should transpire. Throughout the nation, many families are experiencing great difficulty making ends meet when court-ordered child support remains unpaid.

Former Major League Baseball star in jail on child support issues

Yankees fans in California who followed Major League Baseball in the 80s and 90s are likely familiar with Danny Tartabull. He was reportedly the highest paid player in the American League in 1992. That's the year he signed on for five years in a $27 million agreement. Tartabull was back in the news recently, but not for anything having to do with his superb baseball skills. He was arrested and taken to jail for back child support issues.


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