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Divorce mediation: Is it right for you and who can help?

Deciding to end a marriage is no doubt one of the most solemn, significant decisions of a person's life. Many people in California have made or will make this decision in 2018 or beyond. Any number of extenuating issues may impact divorce proceedings, such child-related matters, property division or finances. If financial constraints are an issue, divorce mediation may be a viable option.  

Meeting with your attorney before divorce mediation

If divorce is imminent, you may be hoping to keep the process as amicable and stress-free as possible. After all, you have likely gone through enough turmoil leading up to the decision to divorce, and you may be anticipating a struggle in the months following the breakup. This is where mediation can help by providing a more civil, peaceful separation wherein you and your spouse negotiate an agreement together with the help of a trained mediator.

Police officer facing legal problems re child support issues

Every family situation is unique, which is why the court typically takes several factors into consideration before making decisions regarding child-related issues in divorce. Child support is often a main concern and California has guidelines in place to help the court determine what is appropriate in a given set of circumstances. The court generally aligns its decisions with what it believes is in the best interests of the child or children involved.  

Collaborative law is designed to be nonconfrontational

Do you try to avoid confrontation at all costs? If so, you may relate to many other California residents who wish to file for divorce but hesitate to do so because they worry they will be dragged into a nasty courtroom battle. There are several alternatives that may be viable options in your case, perhaps including collaborative law. 

Mother faces delinquent child support allegations

Resolving financial issues that involve court orders is not always easy. For instance, a parent ordered to pay child support may miss a payment due to a clerical error or some other explainable issue and wind up facing legal complications if the other parent reports the non-payment. Then again, some such reports are factual as there are many people in California and beyond who owe thousands of dollars in back child support.  


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