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Collaborative law: Can it help you settle your divorce?

Deciding to move on in life without your spouse is likely one of the most serious decisions you will ever make. If you're a parent as well, such a decision will have a significant impact, not only on your personal life but your children's as well. One of your biggest concerns may be to find a way to settle things between you and your spouse without having to litigate the issues in court. Many California residents in similar situations have chosen collaborative law as their most viable option.

Film producer reportedly arrested for not paying child support

When a California family court judge issues an order regarding child custody, financial issues or visitation, the parents involved must fully adhere to its terms. Under certain circumstances, the court may grant modification of a court order, such as if a parent who has been paying child support loses his or her job, then requests that payments be temporarily paused until he or she is gainfully employed again. There are legal steps to take to request modification. A parent cannot simply stop making payments.

Man ordered to pay child support for child that is not his

California parents concerned about paternity testing will want to review a case as it unfolds in another state. The issue is child support and the court recently handed down a ruling that caught many people by surprise. It all began when a man filed a petition for visitation to see the child he thought was his.

A few good reasons for California spouses to avoid litigation

Your decision to file for divorce in a California court might have been a long time in the making or prompted by a rather sudden change of events. Either way, once you decided to sever your marital ties, you knew there would be numerous issues to resolve before you could move on in life. If you're one of many parents who are navigating divorce, challenges may arise regarding custody, visitation or support.

Divorce mediation: What is it and why choose it?

There will no doubt be California married couples among others throughout the country who decide to sever their marital ties before 2019 ends. Many spouses, especially those who are parents, may want to resolve necessary issues as swiftly and painlessly as possible so they can leave the past behind and move on in life. In certain situations, divorce mediation may be a viable option.


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