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Mother of 2 says Miguel Cabrera should pay more child support

One of the highest paid professional baseball players ever, Miguel Cabrera, is entangled in a court battle regarding two of his children. The children and their mother do not live in California, but in a southeastern state. Cabrera, who plays for the MLB Tigers, resides with his wife and three other children. At issue is child support, namely, that Cabrera's former mistress says she is no longer satisfied with $12,000 per month as she believes her children are entitled to more.

Child support payments not necessarily set in stone

Life changes. If you are divorced, you are no doubt well aware of that fact and have likely already navigated some very significant changes in your own life. As a California parent, one of your highest priorities during divorce proceedings may have been keeping the central focus on your children's best interests. You knew you'd probably be paying child support and were quite willing to do so because you love your kids and want what's best for them.

Divorce mediation may be crucial component to successful plan

Getting divorced is no small matter and generally leads to many significant challenges in a person's immediate and long-term life. Those in California who are married and have children often have to get creative to overcome various obstacles impeding their abilities to achieve agreeable settlements. Everything from marital property division to where children will spend future Thanksgivings and other holidays are important issues that need to be resolved as amicably as possible before a court order can be set. To avoid long, drawn-out battles, spouses who remain on relatively good terms may be able to use divorce mediation to arrange most of their plans.

Father runs into legal trouble for paying child support

Even when a California parent does his or her best to adhere to an existing court order following divorce or another family law matter, it is no guarantee that obstacles will never arise. A father in another state can no doubt attest to that fact, as he recently struggled to rectify a problem regarding his child support payments. It seems a documentation error unleashed a series of legal problems.

Collaborative law may help with an out-of-court settlement

When a California married couple chooses divorce as the most viable option to resolving their relationship disputes, they may want to find a way to sever their ties without going to court. Especially if they have children, there is typically quite a bit of negotiating that must take place before each spouse can move forward to his or her own future lifestyle. Collaborative law may help those seeking out-of-court settlements.


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