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February 2020 Archives

Child support: Interpreting your children's best interests

How many people do you know in California who are divorced? Among them, how many pay child support? All family court judges share a common goal when overseeing divorce cases where kids are involved: to make decisions based on children's best interests.

Child support issues unresolved for Channing Tatum and ex

Parenting is often a challenging experience, especially if two California parents have decided to divorce and are trying to resolve financial issues and other matters pertaining to their children. Hollywood star Channing Tatum is currently entangled in a legal dispute with co-parent Jenna Dewan. The former couple has a 6-year-old daughter together. Tatum has denied accusations that he has been neglectful in paying child support.

Negotiating skills needed for California divorce mediation

When a California couple decides to end their marriage, it often involves going to court. However, many couples would rather settle things out of court, thus making divorce mediation a viable option. Since a main goal of this type of settlement process is to negotiate agreeable and comprehensive terms in a nonconfrontational manner, it pays to brush up on one's negotiating skills ahead of time. 

California is a community property state: Here's what it means

You might recall the moment you made your final decision to file for divorce in California. Your main concerns included a desire to keep your children's well-being in mind when negotiating a settlement and to make sure you would receive all that you're entitled to in property division proceedings. This state is not among a majority regarding that particular topic.

Collaborative Law: How does it apply in divorce?

When a California parent decides to file for divorce, he or she no doubt understands that the decision is going to have a significant impact on his or her children's lives. Because of this, many parents want to settle a divorce as swiftly and amicably as possible to minimize stress for themselves and their kids. A collaborative law divorce is a viable option to help accomplish such goals in many cases.


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