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Not hostile toward each other? Collaborative law might work

Not every California couple who divorces gets entangled in a contentious courtroom battle. Some spouses still get along well, perhaps even consider each other good friends. That does not necessarily mean they are happy in their marriages; however, it does mean that spouses who wish to part ways on amicable terms may want to consider collaborative law as an option.

Musician Chris Brown sued for child support

If a California court issues a ruling, the parties involved must fully adhere to its terms. With regard to child support, both parents must act in accordance with their co-parenting and payment plan that the court has issued or approved at its discretion. It is never a good idea to obtain a settlement, then not follow through on the agreed-upon terms. This appears to be what is happening in the case of R & B music star Chris Brown.

People who use divorce mediation often have these goals in mind

California is a community property state. This means that all marital property is typically split 50/50 in divorce. Spouses who wish to avoid lengthy litigation processes are often able to use divorce mediation as an alternate form of dispute resolution to achieve fair settlements in an amicable fashion. There are ground rules to which both parties must agree before this option can be exercised.

You can go it alone in court, but do you really want to?

Like most California parents, you've likely encountered financial challenges during marriage. In fact, you may be one of many who are constantly juggling your financial books to try to stay afloat. It's definitely not an uncommon scenario in most households these days. When you decided to divorce, you might have started worrying about money right away, which is understandable, especially concerning your children's needs.

Divorce mediation: When you're ready to move on in life

The types of issues that prompt divorce for California married couples may vary greatly from household to household. Some spouses say they simply grew apart over the years, while others place disputes about finances or child-related issues at the top of their lists. No matter what the main problems were in a marriage, spouses who are tired of fighting and simply want to move on in life may wish to consider divorce mediation as a way to avoid litigation.

How California courts handle unpaid child suport

Thousands of California parents and others throughout the country make regular monthly payments to help provide for their children's financial needs. Many such parents have been ordered to do so by the court in conjunction with divorce proceedings and child support agreements. Once a judge issues an order, both parents must fully adhere to the terms, although this does not always happen.


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