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Child support dispute between Harvey Weinstein and former wife

In California and beyond, things often get a lot worse before they get better when it comes to divorce. Many spouses must first work through tremendous obstacles and disagreements regarding issues, such as property division, child support or other matters before they can achieve amicable settlements. As for child support, Harvey Weinstein and his former wife are currently battling over a particular matter involving $5 million.

A parenting agreement can help with child custody matters

Going through the divorce process can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster -- one with more lows than highs. However, just as the process can be challenging for parents going through it, it can also be difficult for the children of divorce. This is especially true when a child custody battle ensues.

Collaborative law may help save time and money in divorce

As 2017 draws to a close and married couples in California begin setting goals for a new year, chances are some will choose divorce as the most viable option for overcoming current obstacles and pursuing new lifestyles. Some divorces will be hashed out in court, often with highly contentious disputes that require a judge's intervention to resolve. Others may greatly desire settling their differences without litigation and therefore, may want to consider the collaborative law process.

New laws may impact child support if adopted in California

There appears to be rising trend regarding child custody post-divorce. Changes may be prompted by years of lobbying for fathers' rights in California and elsewhere,  namely, to make sure fathers are not being alienated when they desire active roles in sharing physical custody of their children. The new laws favor shared physical custody between parents, which, although admirable in most cases, could in fact cause ripple effects in other areas, such as child support.

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin engaged in child support battle

When spouses in California who have children together divorce, it can be quite challenging to achieve amicable parenting plan agreements. In particular, matters concerning child custody and child support often cause the most contention between former spouses, especially if they already have trouble getting along. Jodie Sweetin, one of the main stars on popular TV show "Fuller House," has been divorced twice and is currently fighting one of her ex-husbands over a child support issue.


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