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Britney Spears still fighting ex-husband over child support

One of the downfalls of being a pop music star is that lines between personal life and the public's right to know often blur. Many Britney Spears fans have been following updates regarding her mental breakdown and the father of her two children gaining custody, thereafter. Since then, the two have been going 'round and round' regarding child support issues. Many parents in California facing similar problems may relate to this former couple's situation.  

Court orders father to pay $2 million in child support

California parents who are currently dealing with child support issues regarding their children may be interested in a recent case in another state. The situation involves a man who apparently abandoned his wife and children some 25 years ago. The law reportedly caught up with him, and the court has since ordered him to pay $2 million in child support payments, including interest.  

Dividing marital assets does not have to be difficult

Sometimes, the things we own mean much more to us than their actual value. You might have sentimental attachment to something handed down to you from your grandmother, or there may be an object in your home that you received from your child at a particularly special time. Some people have keepsakes from friends and loved ones who have passed away.

Be proactive regarding child support issues in divorce

Making a decision to divorce is typically an emotional experience on many levels. Many California spouses start proceedings with a decade or more of married life under their belts. Especially when spouses have children together, divorcing after a lengthy marriage brings many changes and challenges to those involved. Good parents are always concerned with their children's well-being; in divorce, worries often surface concerning child support issues.  

Judge orders payment of $16,000-plus in back child support

California parents and all others throughout the nation who are bound to existing court orders must make payments to financially provide for their children when required to do so. While it is true that extenuating circumstances sometimes make child support payments infeasible, it is not true that a parent may simply stop making payments when he or she decides it's necessary. Payment delinquency is subject to legal punishment as a father in another state recently learned the hard way.  

Divorce mediation: How to determine if it's the best option

When filing for divorce in California or any other state, a spouse must choose a particular course of action as a means toward the end. Some situations involve litigation, especially if a communication breakdown has occurred between spouses or an extenuating circumstance, such as suspected hidden assets, has arisen. For spouses who get along well enough to have civil discussions and negotiate fair settlements, divorce mediation may be possible. 


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