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Be proactive regarding child support issues in divorce

Making a decision to divorce is typically an emotional experience on many levels. Many California spouses start proceedings with a decade or more of married life under their belts. Especially when spouses have children together, divorcing after a lengthy marriage brings many changes and challenges to those involved. Good parents are always concerned with their children’s well-being; in divorce, worries often surface concerning child support issues.  

It’s understandable that finances would be a high priority for a spouse entering a new lifestyle as a single parent. Many California households include two parents who both earn incomes. When one of those incomes is suddenly removed from the equation, the parent with whom children are residing after divorce may worry whether he or she will be able to meet expenses to provide for the children’s needs.  

The court bases its calculations for child support payments on various factors, including each parent’s income, current tax information and child-care related costs. Rules vary by state but judges typically follow the guidelines in their state. It is helpful to act alongside experienced legal representation so your attorney can make sure the information submitted accurately reflects your financial circumstances.  

Once the court has issued an order, all parties must adhere to its terms. However, it is often possible to seek modification of an existing court order if you have a legitimate reason to do so. The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff, in California, is committed to advocating on your behalf to protect your rights as a parent and act in your children’s best interest regarding child support and all other family-related matters in divorce.