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Divorce mediation: Key points for parents to keep in mind

Not every California couple who decides to go their separate ways gets locked into a long, drawn-out court battle. In fact, many spouses use divorce mediation to negotiate child custody agreements, property division and more. There are a few things for parents to keep in mind to help avoid confrontation and successfully mediate their divorce.

Divorce mediation: Settle without going to court

Why get locked in a long, drawn-out court battle in a California courtroom if there is an alternative way to settle a divorce? Divorce mediation is a viable option for many spouses. It is definitely not for everyone, however, which is why it pays to learn as much as possible about how it works before determining if it is a good fit in a specific set of circumstances.

Avengers star Jeremy Renner disputing child support

When California parents file for divorce, they must resolve various child-related issues in order to achieve a settlement. If parents disagree about child support, custody or visitation, they may need to litigate the issues in order to find a solution. Avengers star Jeremy Renner is currently entangled in a court battle with his ex, Sonni Pacheco, who claims he has failed to financially provide for their 7-year-old daughter as ordered by the court.

Child support: What to do and not do to prepare for a hearing

All California parents are obligated to financially provide for their children. When a married couple files for divorce or an unmarried couple decides to part ways, it often leads to child support litigation. When a case is litigated, it means the judge overseeing the case is going to be making all the decisions.

How divorce mediation might help your kids cope

If your family is going through a lot of challenging changes at this time, you're not alone in your struggle. Especially if divorce has prompted such changes, there are many California households where similar circumstances are unfolding at this time. No two families are exactly alike, so neither are any two divorce situations. Like all good parents, however, you no doubt want to resolve all the issues in as low-stress a manner as possible because you want what's best for your children.

Child support: Rap singer's ex wants court to order DNA test

There are many California couples who have children together but are not married. When those involved in such relationships decide to go their separate ways, legal complications may arise regarding custody or child support issues. Rap music star Rick Ross is currently facing a lawsuit filed by his former girlfriend, who is the mother of two children and another on the way.

Collaborative law: A more peaceful way to finalize a divorce

When a California married couple no longer wants to stay in a relationship together, the decision typically spawns a number of issues that must be resolved before they can move on in life. No one takes the decision to divorce lightly, especially when children are involved. In fact, many spouses want to remain on good terms and finalize a settlement in a swift, economically feasible, and peaceful manner, which is what collaborative law enables them to do.


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