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Is your job prompting a need for divorce mediation?

Many California residents work in stressful and even dangerous environments. Those who are married may have a tendency to take that stress home with them, thus causing a strain on their relationships. In fact, current data shows that there are certain fields of employment that place married couples at risk. Those who work in such fields often wind up needing divorce mediation.

Former wife of R. Kelly happy about child support ruling

Many California parents can relate to the stress and contention parental disagreements can spark after divorce. Such disputes often pertain to child support, especially if one parent accuses the other of failing to meet his or her legal obligation to provide financial supplement for their children. The former wife of singer R. Kelly went to court regarding such matters and has apparently come away quite satisfied with the judge's decision.

Collaborative law can help California co-parents keep the peace

When a California married couple decides to file for divorce, they must resolve numerous issues before a settlement can be achieved. If the couple has children together, things may be a bit more complicated because, as parents, they must decide where their kids will live and how their financial needs will be met. When spouses want to obtain a swift and amicable settlement, a collaborative law divorce may be the best option.

A divorce decree is not the end of the process

When you and your spouse signed all the papers and received the official declaration that your marriage was over, you may have felt some relief. After all, whether the breakup was a devastating shock or you were the one who initiated it, a divorce can be emotionally draining.

Beador co-parent plan includes more than just child support

Another former celebrity couple has finalized a California divorce settlement. Anyone currently preparing to navigate a similar process may want to review the case because it contains some interesting details. In addition to physical and legal custody of their children, as well as child support, the former Mr. and Mrs. Beador have also incorporated other issues into their co-parenting plan, such as how they may or may not speak about each other in front of their kids.

California parents need not handle child support problems alone

When California parents decide to divorce, the decision naturally has implications in all areas of their lives, especially with respect to their children. It is understandable that you'd be concerned about child support, custody and other family law issues if you are planning to file for divorce. If you sacrificed a career to stay home full-time to raise a family during your marriage, you may have concerns regarding finances as you leave your marriage and move on in life.


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