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Is your job prompting a need for divorce mediation?

Many California residents work in stressful and even dangerous environments. Those who are married may have a tendency to take that stress home with them, thus causing a strain on their relationships. In fact, current data shows that there are certain fields of employment that place married couples at risk. Those who work in such fields often wind up needing divorce mediation.

More than half of all married gaming managers get divorced. Only slightly behind them in rate of divorce are bartenders. These and other types of work, such as flight attendance, switchboard operations and factory employment are among the jobs that consistently rank highest for being stressful on a marriage.

Sometimes, a couple simply decides that the problems between them can’t be resolved. Divorce mediation is a valuable tool for those who want to cut ties in as swift and low-cost manner as possible. Mediation requires a willingness to peacefully discuss all issues in a confidential setting. It does not usually work well for those who argue a lot or cannot achieve agreements regarding custody, support or property division issues.

Of course, working as a gaming manager, switchboard operator or employee in a textile mill does not necessarily mean one’s marriage will end in divorce. However, if a California spouse has determined that his or her relationship is not sustainable, he or she may want to consider divorce mediation as an option. The easiest way to determine if it’s a good fit for a particular situation is to request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney who can explain the entire process.