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Do you have questions about California child support laws?

Like all good parents in California and beyond, you love your children and always want what's best for them. If you and your spouse are preparing for divorce, numerous top priority issues regarding your children are no doubt on your mind. For instance, you'll have to resolve issues such as where the kids where live. If child support is being requested, then that topic raises multiple issues as well.

Former mistress is demanding child support

Many California married couples experience challenges in their relationships, some of which are caused by infidelity. In cases where an extramarital affair has produced a child, things can get quite complicated. A woman in another state understands this all too well. She has stated that her husband's ex-lover is ruining their life by demanding child support.

Here's why many people use collaborative law for divorce

Most spouses seeking a divorce want to avoid confrontation. Many California couples in these circumstances choose alternative dispute resolution instead of litigation. Collaborative law is a means of settling a divorce without going to court.

Child support: What unemployed California parents should know

When a California family court orders a parent to provide financially for his or her children, that parent must strictly adhere to the terms of the court order. The amount of child support, as well as how and when payments are to be made may vary according to state guidelines and the court's discretion regarding a particular case. If a paying parent unexpectedly loses his or her job, making timely payments may be impossible.

Divorce mediation: Are you a good candidate?

When you look back on your marriage and, perhaps, even your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse prior to your wedding day, you might notice issues in retrospect that you chose to overlook at the time. For instance, was it always difficult to get your spouse to listen when you had something to say? Maybe you both had vastly different ideas about finances or raising a family in California, but you didn't think having differing opinions was uncommon and you decided to move ahead with your plans.


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