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Divorce mediation: Settle without going to court

Why get locked in a long, drawn-out court battle in a California courtroom if there is an alternative way to settle a divorce? Divorce mediation is a viable option for many spouses. It is definitely not for everyone, however, which is why it pays to learn as much as possible about how it works before determining if it is a good fit in a specific set of circumstances.

Mediation takes place in an informal, private setting and involves peaceful negotiations between spouses. Most divorce-related issues can be brought to the table, such as child custody and property division, as well as child support. In any event, once the parties come to an agreement, they can submit it in writing to the court for approval.

Obtaining a divorce is often an emotionally upsetting and challenging experience. Mediation is often the best option for those who wish to minimize stress and keep expenses as low as possible. Spouses must agree ahead of time, however, to avoid confrontation and litigation by calmly discussing any and all relevant issues in order to achieve a comprehensive settlement.

An experienced California attorney can play a key role in divorce mediation. A concerned spouse wishing to learn more about this alternate form of dispute resolution may wish to request a meeting with an attorney who has provided mediation support to others. Especially if the spouses in question are parents, mediation may be the best means for showing children that their parents are willing to co-operate to resolve their differences and develop a plan that helps the whole family move on in life after divorce.