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Mother faces delinquent child support allegations

Resolving financial issues that involve court orders is not always easy. For instance, a parent ordered to pay child support may miss a payment due to a clerical error or some other explainable issue and wind up facing legal complications if the other parent reports the non-payment. Then again, some such reports are factual as there are many people in California and beyond who owe thousands of dollars in back child support.  

Some situations lead to law enforcement becoming involved, perhaps even making arrests. That’s what happened to a woman in another state recently when police took her into custody for multiple arrest warrants related to child support. The 36-year old mother is said to owe more than $70,000 in support payments. That amount is just for one county; there was also a reported warrant in another county for a similar issue that listed the amount of owed child support close to $400.  

Delinquency in child support isn’t this particular woman’s only legal troubles. She apparently owed $500 to a municipal court for a criminal offense situation. She satisfied that debt before being released from jail.  

If a California parent believes he or she has been falsely accused of not making child support payments, there are steps to take to rectify such situations. If a parent needs to request a modification for an existing court order, he or she must continue to make payments on time until that modification is granted by the court. An experienced attorney can provide counsel to anyone facing child support-related problems.