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Key factors in California guidelines for child support

If a California married couple with children divorces, they likely enter proceedings understanding that they will remain connected the rest of their lives because they are parents together. For some, this thought may be oddly comforting; others are not so in tune with the idea. Either way, it helps to be able to communicate amicably, especially where important issues like child support are concerned.

Child support plans don’t fall from the sky, meaning the particulars of a given agreement are not randomly determined but are carefully decided upon after the court reviews existing state guidelines. Even then, no two situations are the same; so, what the court determines appropriate in one instance may be very different from another. If a parent believes the court has reached a particular decision in error, he or she may ask an attorney to file an appeal.

Parents’ incomes are of course crucial considerations when it comes to child support. A custodial parent must be able to make ends meet and to provide for the basic needs of all children living under his or her roof. Although it’s most common for noncustodial parents to pay child support, it’s not always the case.

At the Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff, we can question any apparent digression away from state guidelines a judge might make, or argue that a digression is appropriate in certain circumstances. Protecting your rights as a California parent, as well as making sure all proceedings focus on children’s best interests are among our highest priorities. If you have questions regarding a particular child support issue, you may request a free consultation to begin the process of finding answers.