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Megachurch preacher ruled in contempt re child support issues

Those who make their livings in religious ministries in California are by no means immune from family law problems similar to those experienced by many others throughout the nation. In fact, a mega-church pastor in another state is currently facing serious child support problems. The court recently held him in contempt regarding the matter.

The pastor preaches in an East Coast church and also happens to co-host a radio talk show. There have been unsavory rumors regarding the man’s private life, including one stating he has fathered a child with a minor, age 17.  He has reportedly been ordered to immediately satisfy the debt he owes his child’s mother. The central issue of the current child support battle involves life and medical insurance, as well as uninsured medical expenses.

The preacher is responsible for 75 percent of his child’s uninsured medical expenses. The court says he has failed to make good on his payments. He was also found in contempt for failing to secure medical and life insurance for his child.

To be purged of contempt, the church pastor must pay more than $3,000 upfront. He supposedly stated that he intentionally stopped making child support payments because his child’s mother would not stop nagging him about it; instead, he determined to let the court resolve the issues. A California family law attorney can assist anyone in this state facing similar challenges regarding a parenting plan after divorce and/or specific matters involving custody, visitation or child support payments. An assertive attorney knows just what to do to protect a parent’s rights and help secure an agreeable outcome.

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