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Troubling mystery surrounds child support situation

Many California parents understand how stressful impending legal actions regarding child custody, visitation or support can be. In another state, one man has been dealing with a child support problem, which authorities say may have something to do with his recent disappearance. His family members say they’re worried he committed suicide. Others think he may have left the country to avoid penalties for failure to pay child support. 

The man reportedly owes more than $500,000 in support payments. His last recorded payment occurred in 2014. His cousin apparently called in a missing person report when he did not hear from the man in three days. The cousin said it was their habit to speak to each other daily by telephone.  

The man’s brother and uncle are also greatly concerned. The man was seen on video paddling out to sea at approximately 6:30 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. His brother said the missing 52-year-old was very comfortable in the water and was an accomplished paddle boarder. He is worried that his brother may have done something drastic to avoid further legal problems regarding his delinquent child support payments. 

The man’s uncle says several items were missing from the man’s home, including diving supplies, a paddle board and a weight belt. He said the court recently issued a severe monetary judgment against his nephew because he had failed to appear in court at an appointed time. Authorities continue to search for the man who has seemingly vanished in the midst of child support litigation. Although this type of situation may be rare, any California parent wishing to avoid major legal problems in similar circumstances can reach out for legal support.

Source: ABC, “Man who owes $500K in child support vanishes into ocean on paddleboard“, Emily Shapiro, March 29, 2018