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Garner and Affleck use divorce mediation to achieve settlement

For California residents currently considering ending their marriages, the good news is that not every marital split involves long, drawn-out courtroom battles. In fact, divorce mediation helps many spouses achieve fair and agreeable settlements in an amicable fashion. The case of Hollywood stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be a good example of this. 

This particular former couple has three children together. When they decided they no longer wished to continue their marriage, they took things quite slow, stating they wanted to make careful, well-formed decisions that kept their children’s best interests in mind. It wound up being two full years before they formally filed for divorce, with Affleck moving out of their marital home and living in a guest house on the property.  

Since then, they have entered mediation while continuing to cooperate and compromise as needed to provide their children with ample access to both parents. They have often attended outings and various events together as a family so their kids may enjoy being with both parents at the same time. Since mediation is all about keeping stress levels low and achieving a cooperative and agreeable outcome, many people using this alternate form of settlement include instructions for co-parenting plans in their mediation discussions.  

Entering divorce mediation does not guarantee success, however. Some California spouses may give it a try then determine a need to seek other settlement options, perhaps even including litigation. More good news is that there are experienced family law attorneys who are skilled negotiators and are fully prepared to take on any divorce-related task whether it be mediation, collaborative law proceedings or litigation.  

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