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Protect your rights when child support problems arise

Like most good parents in California or elsewhere, you are willing to make sacrifices for your children’s sakes. Most parents can relate to setting aside personal goals or plans, or changing jobs, locations or other lifestyle situations when they determine it’s in their children’s best interests to do so. When divorce occurs, most parents paying child support do their best to make payments on time and otherwise adhere to existing court orders regarding their parenting plans.  

Complications can arise, however, if one parent refuses to cooperate or obey the court’s decision. Problems may also occur if, for instance, a parent paying child support is suddenly unable to make payments because of a job loss or some other major financial crisis. While it’s often possible to petition the court for a modification when necessary, it is never acceptable to stop making payments before modification is granted.  

If payments are not made, a concerned parent may bring the matter to the court’s attention. Many families rely on child support payments to provide for their children’s immediate needs, and not receiving even a single payment may cause undue financial hardship. Sadly, there have been situations in the past where a parent intentionally withholds child support as a form of revenge against the other parent even though it’s the children in such circumstances who are hurt most by the behavior.  

The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff provides support to California parents facing problem child support issues. You can protect your rights and your children’s best interests by seeking the court’s intervention to resolve any and all problems related to custody, visitation and support. Relying on experienced guidance may be key to securing a swift, fair solution to your problem.