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California divorce mediation: Who is most likely to try it?

All married couples have problems from time to time. However, most are able to find agreeable solutions to help them overcome any obstacles that arise throughout the years. That’s not always the case, however, as evidenced by the high rate of divorce in California and throughout the nation.  

Which couples are more likely to choose to go their separate ways, regardless of how long their relationships last? A study that observed over 150 people for at least 13 years showed results that suggest there are several signs that point toward divorce court. One is whether or not a particular couple was overly affectionate when they first married.  

Snuggling and flirting are natural behaviors for married couples. However, those who are so into each other that they shut out the world may find it difficult to sustain such a high level of romanticism and affection as time goes on. Spouses who feel unappreciated also file for divorce more often than those who are content in their relationships. Those who get along well enough to engage in amicable discussions to create settlement plans may wish to opt for divorce mediation instead of litigation. 

If a California spouse is considering trying divorce mediation, he or she will first want to research all the laws and regulations that govern such matters. Relationships are complex but divorce needn’t necessarily be complicated. In mediation, all issues are negotiable, with a main goal being conflict-free resolution.  An experienced family law attorney can walk a concerned spouse through the whole process.