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Chilling journal entry told of death threats re child support

Many California parents find themselves entangled in contentious disputes following divorce or in child custody situations regarding co-parents to whom they were never married. Such situations often include bitter disagreements over child support. A parent concerned about another parent’s behavior can take immediate steps to seek support by bringing the matter to the attention of the court or local authorities, as needed.

Sadly, a child support dispute in another state recently ended in tragedy. Investigations remain ongoing in the aftermath of two gunshot deaths, believed to have been caused by a disgruntled parent who was angry about certain court proceedings. The man in question is the father of two children, both of whom (along with another child) thankfully survived the incident that unfolded in their home. Preliminary reports suggest the man stormed into the house, armed with a gun, killing his ex-wife and mother of the children, as well as her current spouse.

One of the children had reportedly written about her father in her personal journal some months before the incident occurred. In her journal, she stated that her dad had threatened to kill her mom if he was not satisfied with the outcome of a child support case they were litigating at the time. A woman who was part of a support group to which the girl’s mother belonged has told authorities she has a copy of the journal entry and is horrified that such threats appear to have been carried out.

Most child support cases do not involve murder. However, many California parents are suffering extreme stress and anxiety due to extenuating circumstances in their unique situations. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance, encouragement and strong support to help overcome any legal problems related to such issues.