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Skills that can help California spouses with divorce mediation

Not every California divorce is finalized through litigation. In fact, many spouses desire nothing more than to settle their differences in a calm, peaceful manner. Divorce mediation is often a prime option for couples who are willing to cooperate and avoid confrontation. This is often a less expensive way to settle a divorce, but if it doesn’t work out, a case can be converted to litigation as needed.

Preparation is an essential component of divorce mediation. There are certain topics spouses must agree to avoid, such as personal marital issues that were key factors toward the decision to divorce. Mediation is not a time to rehash old marital problems but to look toward the future and resolve issues such as child custody, visitation, property division and alimony without having to go to court.

Many of the skills that business executives use in negotiations can come in handy for those who choose to mediate a divorce. For instance, it’s imperative that both sides be willing to listen, speak clearly and calmly, and approach the desired outcome as a goal where both sides win. Meeting the needs of everyone involved, especially children, is a key factor towards a successfully mediated divorce.

A California family law attorney experienced in divorce mediation is a great asset for anyone wishing to considering this option. Most experienced attorneys are skilled negotiators, and an attorney often acts as a mediator to help spouses stay on track and avoid confrontation. After making his or her needs and ultimate goals known, a divorcing spouse can rely on the mediator to use his or her negotiation skills to help achieve success.