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Child support is key issue in governor’s proposed budget plan

In California, as in most other states, many families struggle to make ends meet. They are often able to bridge the gap by applying for public assistance programs. However, in cases where child support is being paid, the receiver of the payment may only keep the first $50 of a monthly payment. The rest, no matter how much more it happens to be, is turned over to the government as reimbursement for state-provided services.

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a budget that would take effect in 2022, which would allow families on public assistance who receive child support to increase the amount of money they are allowed to keep each month. Under the new budget plan, a family that typically receives $50 for one child per month may increase the amount to $100. As such, families with two children may keep $200 if the governor’s plan is implemented.

The proposed increase was originally part of a bill known as SB337. However, Newsom vetoed it, stating that it would be best to consider the increase as part of a new budget plan instead. The senator who initially proposed the legislation told reporters she is pleased that the governor has found a way to make the increase available to help lower income families who are doing their best to take care of their children.

Child support is a topic the California court considers carefully when making financial decisions in divorce. Children’s best interests are a top priority, and a parent may be understandably concerned if he or she is worried about being able to adequately provide for his or her children’s needs once the household begins to function on a single income. An experienced family law attorney can provide support regarding filing a petition to request support, and he or she can litigate any issue that arise in connection with an existing court order.