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Child support: Falling behind or at risk for arrest?

When a California family court judge issues a divorce decree, it may include a co-parenting agreement plan. Such plans typically address custody and child support issues. The court also rules on these topics when parents who have never been married to each other terminate their romantic relationships. Whether or not they were married to one another, both parents must fully adhere to the terms of a court order regarding custody, parenting time or support.

If a parent is hit by unexpected financial distress, he or she may have difficulty keeping up with child support payments. Perhaps, a paying parent lost a job or suffered a medical emergency that resulted in the need to take an extended leave of absence at work. Nevertheless, the parent is still legally obligated to pay child support on time, unless and until the court grants a formal request to modify the terms of the order.

In another state, a recent task force set out to find parents who had warrants out for their arrests. The court had found these 11 parents in contempt for unpaid child support. Six teams of law enforcement officers worked together to locate the parents and take them into custody. Bonds were set, and any bond money paid to secure an arrested parent’s release from jail was intended to be sent to the receiving parent to help cover unpaid support.

The attorney general in the state in question commended local law enforcement for helping with the mission to bring parents who fail in their obligation to financially care for their children to justice. The attorney general’s office also provided a number for parents to call if they are having trouble meeting the terms of their payment schedules but are not at risk for arrest at this time. Any California parent concerned about such issues can reach out for immediate legal support by scheduling a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.